Roger Federer drops major praise on Lloyd Harris after Rafael Nadal clash

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Roger Federer drops major praise on Lloyd Harris after Rafael Nadal clash

On Friday, February 7, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal set the new world attendance record at a tennis match, competing in Cape Town in front of almost 52,000 people. The Match in Africa 6 gathered Bill Gates and Trevor Noah who were there to play the doubles match with two legends, keeping the crowd on the Cape Town Stadium entertained.

Also, Federer and Nadal have raised around $3,5 million for the Roger Federer Foundation, helping the unprivileged kids in Africa and offering them a better and safer future. The Cape Town native and the most promising South African young player Lloyd Harris was also there, hitting the practice court with Roger Federer and having a chance to watch two of the greatest players of all time in action that Federer won in three sets.

The 22-year-old reached the first ATP final in Adelaide as a qualifier and Federer has been impressed with Lloyd's game so far, following his results and praising the youngster who won the opening set against him at Wimbledon last year.

"It was very kind that Lloyd came out, he's a local hero here in Cape Town. I still love that he comes back and trains here. He's not left this place yet, as it's far away from all the other tournaments.. it's not easy," Federer said.

"Number one, I think he's a great guy, that's always key. He's got great character, a beautiful family as well. We had a good hit yesterday; I think a lot of his game, to be honest, I had a tough one against him at Wimbledon last year.

He started the new season very strong, making the final in Adelaide out of the qualifiers. There's much to look forward to in Lloyd and I think he's a great player for you guys to have here in South Africa."