Roger Federer and Patrick Stewart’s wives share the love for Lionel Messi’s talent

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Roger Federer and Patrick Stewart’s wives share the love for Lionel Messi’s talent

Even though the female gender is rarely interested in football, the wives of Roger Federer and famous actor Patrick Stewart — Mirka, respectively, Sunny Ozell — were both charmed by the talent of the six times Ballon d’Or winner Lionel Messi and, therefore, became, more or less, fans of football.

Mirka Federer, even though she was unveiled by Roger as a fan of the Argentinian superstar, is not drawn to the sport itself. “My wife doesn’t like Football but she watches it just for Messi,” according to AZ quotes.

Sunny Ozell, the 41 years old wife of Patrick Stewart — the actor who is famous for his X-Men and Star Trek roles — is another huge fan of Lionel Messi and she is, like Mirka, more interested in Leo Messi than in football as a sport.

“This hand was in the hand of Lionel Messi on Monday night. Not because I particularly wanted to meet him, but my wife did. Lionel Messi converted her to soccer. She had no interest in this at all until she saw how this man played ball”.

Patrick said in an interview for Cinescondite. Seeing her wife’s admiration for Messi, Patrick promised her that he will do everything he can to introduce her to Messi during an event and here is how he made it happen.

“I told my wife ‘If he’s there, I will do everything in my power to bring the two of you face to face. It was really hard because it was security like you’ve never seen. There was Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Maradona,” said Patrick.

“Then I hit the security wall ‘I’m Patrick Stewart. I’m Patrick Stewart. I couldn’t see Leo. He actually turned over and bent over his seat and he’s quite short. He just vanished behind everybody.

I stood behind him and then he stood up and turned around and we were face to face. He just beamed into my face. I said ‘Senior Messi! Por favor! Mi esposa (my wife)’ and they shook hands”. the actor continued.

“Then I said ‘Can I please take a photograph of you together?’. I took the photograph and his (Messi’s) wife said ‘And I want a photograph with you!’. Stewart concluded. In conclusion, it’s hard not to recognize and admire the talent of world-class stars like Lionel Messi, even if you often find yourself under the spotlights as well like Roger Federer and Patrick Stewart’s wives.