Roger Federer is amazed by the week he spent with Rafael Nadal & co. in South Africa

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Roger Federer is amazed by the week he spent with Rafael Nadal & co. in South Africa

Almost seven days have passed since the Cape Town exhibition during which Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal shone in front of a record attendance with the aid of Bill Gates and Trevor Noah, but Federer still can’t believe what a week he just had.

The Swiss legend summarized his feelings on Instagram, attaching a few photos from the event. “Looking back on last week is still surreal”. Roger noted. Indeed, it was a magical week for Federer. He finally played a match in Cape Town, South Africa, a location where he wanted to feature for a long time given the fact that his mother has Afrikan origins.

He spent almost a whole week with his family and friends, amongst whom we can count in Rafael Nadal, Bill Gates and Trevor Noah. Besides the above, Roger spent a good amount of time with the Afrikan children, entertaining the little kids while making a surprise appearance in a classroom.

Oh, and did we forget to mention that he was involved in a jumping session alongside them after the doubles match between ‘Gateserer’ and ‘Nsquared’ ended? The whole exhibition, whose main attraction was the duel between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, gathered a record-breaking number of attendees — 51,954 pairs of eyes — and raised 3,5 million dollars to help the disadvantaged Afrikan children through the aid of the Roger Federer Foundation.

Moreover, Federer had the chance to taste one of his favorite drinks — the Moet et Chandon champagne — during a special brunch organized by the French brand. No wonder they did since Roger has been their global ambassador since 2012.

But the brunch wasn’t the only place where Roger Federer sipped from the champagne. The exhibition trip ended with a party where his family and friends participated, including Rafael Nadal and Thomas Berdych. The festive event lasted for a large part of the night.

Overall, Roger Federer had a marvelous time that surely made him shrug off the bitter taste left by the semifinals loss against Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open.