Why are there those who consider Roger Federer overrated?

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Why are there those who consider Roger Federer overrated?

Why are there those who consider Roger Federer overrated? The Swiss Maestro is considered by most tennis players, fans, media and insiders to be the greatest tennis player ever. But there are many others believe that he is not as strong as Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic.

In fact, many of them believe that Federer is an overrated player. Obviously there are several considerations to do. Comparing the Big Three with past tennis players is a useless and cloying science. There are too many differences: technology, diet, training, mental coaches, rackets, playing surfaces.

Today´s tennis players cannot be compared with those of the past. Between a set and another, during the era of the Four Musketeers and Suzanne Lenglen, tennis players drank coffee and on occasion, even had a shot of liquor!

But focusing on our era, many agree that Federer is not as strong as Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, mainly because the Swiss is at a disadvantage in head-to-head against Spaniard and the Serb. Not only that, from a mental point of view Roger suffers both his rivals: the last example is the final of Wimbledon 2019, lost despite two match points on his service.

If Federer won almost all the last head-to-heads won against Nadal, the opposite happened against Nole. Djokovic seems to have entered into Federer´s mind, sending the Swiss into crisis, especially in the matches at the best of the five sets.

In the last ten challenges against Nadal, Federer won seven (Rafa leads 24-16). In the last ten matches against Djokovic, Federer has won three (Nole leads 27-23). Federer´s detractors say that if Nadal and Djokovic were the same age as Roger (or vice versa), the Swiss would have far fewer Slams, the Spaniard and Serb would have many more.

Also, perspective in hand, Rafa and Nole could both beat Federer´s 20-Slam-record. Federer´s supporters remember how he is the tennis player who offers the best show. His tennis enchants, reaching peaks of unparalleled beauty.

Furthermore, to date, he holds the Slam record (20), plus an infinite series of many other records, which Nadal and Djokovic can boast of. Obviously saying that Roger Federer is (or is not) an overrated tennis player is part of the game of fans: whoever supports one of the Big Three will always have a different opinion from the rest.