That time when Roger Federer played the piano

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That time when Roger Federer played the piano

Do you remember the advertisement video for Uniqlo during which Roger Federer played the piano? Almost a year after that spot for his new brand (he left Nike for UNIQLO: a new $ 30 Million-year contract for ten years), Federer does many things, including a semifinal at the French Open 2019, the final at Wimbledon of the same year, the semifinal at the Australian Open 2020 and the Match for Africa 6 (With Rafael Nadal, Bill Gates and Trevor Noah), which marked a crowd record for a single tennis match, with over 51,000 people.

Still today the Swiss Maestro is able to charm the crowds thanks to his innate class, which goes beyond sport and, as we can see in the video, it also expands in other moments of his daily life. He himself explained his love for the piano that time: "Piano was fun, I enjoyed playing again.

My parents asked me to play the piano when I was younger, and of course, my head was stuck in tennis, so for me, the piano was always a little bit more complicated but being there back at the piano today was a lot of fun.I still feel like I have it, to some extent.I still need some practice and on a second wait I would have more time again to start playing the piano because I'd like to maybe surprise my wife one day and play a song for her."

Class on the court, in the choice of outfits (on and off the court) and in other activities that are perfectly linked with his character, public and private. And yes, that time, in a memory of almost a year ago, we discovered that Roger Federer would also have a future as a pianist!