Roger Federer: "We are very lucky to have Bill Gates' support"

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Roger Federer: "We are very lucky to have Bill Gates' support"

The 'Match in Africa' between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in Cape Town set a new record with almost 52 thousand spectators and raised 3.5 million dollars. The event was also attended by Bill Gates and Trevor Noah, who played a hilarious double with the two tennis legends.

Gates and Federer played against American tennis star John Isner and Pearl Jam guitarist Mike McCready in Seattle in 2017, which raised over $2 million for Federer’s foundation. Gates appeared on the court again in 2018, raising over $2.5 million for a match hosted in Silicon Valley.

“Obviously its mix and wide array of things. Now I mean, make it sound like I can talk about everything. He just donated himself with the foundation, a $100 million into the coronavirus research. It’s just being to spend time with Bill Gates and his team, it’s always an eyeopener" - Roger told Simon Parker.

“I make sure I’m completely alert whenever he says something,” Federer continued. “He such an interesting man. He’s got one of the brightest minds, obviously and a super generous heart. We are very lucky to have his support as well at this event also the last two matches for Africa in Seattle and San Jose.

He loves tennis,” he continued to speak about Gates. “Also, he tells stories about me on the tour, how tennis is and what’s going on and what my plans are."

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