Roger Federer opens up on his tiresome school experience


Roger Federer opens up on his tiresome school experience

It would be hard to fantasize about the Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer being anything rather than an elegant tennis player, whom a number of tennis analysts had already ascribed as the best of all times or a G.O.A.T, nonetheless, in an interview with French language weekly magazine L'Illustré, the 38-year-old Swiss spesh with 20 major titles had opened up about his experiences in the school.

As a matter of fact, Roger Federer, who had to choose between being a tennis pro or a footballer at the age of twelve, shared almost the same experience as every school-going kid ought to deal with saying it was tiresome and sitting around the classroom was boring adding he practically tried really hard in the schools and the teachers were inspiring.

While being asked to share his experience as a kid in the school, Federer said in his interview with L'Illustré that published on Friday (February 21st), “Average, I would say. But, frankly, I always tried hard.

Sometimes I was tired of sitting around listening. The professor therefore had to use his best motivational advice to keep me posted. To tell the truth, yes, even if I was happy to get out and go play tennis. But I was lucky to always have good teachers. ”

Roger Federer