How Roger Federer became Roger Federer

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How Roger Federer became Roger Federer

How Roger Federer became Roger Federer. Over the course of his career, from his youth to today, the Swiss Maestro evolved his tennis and his behavior on the court. We know the Swiss of today as a true gentleman, in the aspects of his professional and private life.

However, his class, his charm and his elegance have not always been as we know it today. Especially in the first phase of his amazing career. Considered a very talented player since his first entry on a tennis court, he was famous at the dawn of his career for his behavior: grumpy, with smashed rackets, anger on and off the court.

A behavior that then matured and changed: Federer is today the gentleman that we all know. The miracle that happened, however, was another. Federer was taught the discipline and how to achieve his enormous talent flatly, thus becoming the greatest tennis player of all time.

A transfomation that few manage to do with such effective and profitable feedback. How many players have we known and still know with a great talent, but who failed (and still fail) to achieve themselves professionally? Federer did it.

In 2002 his coach and mentor Peter Carter died accidentally in a car accident, and this was a tragic event for the Swiss and for sport. Perhaps that was one of the experiences that helped him transform pain into training, sweat and discipline.

Roger Federer changed his mentality towards the approach to training, discipline, hard work (work is talent), significantly improving his performance and his behavior. He was perhaps unique in the whole history of tennis in this.

The following year he won Wimbledon. And the rest is now history. How Federer became Federer from federico on Vimeo.