Toni Kroos compares Real Madrid to Roger Federer


Toni Kroos compares Real Madrid to Roger Federer
Toni Kroos compares Real Madrid to Roger Federer

After 20 wins in Grand Slam tournaments and 103 in total, 310 weeks spent at the top of the world rankings, 6 wins in the ATP Finals and after 23 consecutive Major semifinals, Roger Federer can be considered the greatest tennis player of all time.

During a recent interview with The Athletic, World Cup winner Toni Kroos compared Real Madrid to the Swiss champion: “A lot of us didn’t play our best football last season. After three Champions League wins in a row, you could perhaps expect to lose a bit of sharpness and it took us time to adjust to the loss of the 40 or 50 goals Cristiano Ronaldo guaranteed each year.

But at Real Madrid, that’s unacceptable. When we were knocked out by Ajax [in the last 16], many suggested that was the end of this team. We were written off as over the hill but that only provided extra motivation for us to prove them all wrong.

It reminds me of the way people look at [Roger] Federer. When he was 34, everybody was sure that was it for him, and then again at 36, but he just keeps on playing as if he’s 28. You don’t lose your quality. And we’re not that old yet”.

The Real Madrid midfielder had admitted that Roger is the G.O.A.T., and cherished his meets with the Swiss spesh multiple times on and off the social media. In February, Federer underwent arthroscopic surgery for a right knee injury and subsequently withdrew from Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami and the French Open to give time for his knee to recover, announcing that he would return in the grass season.

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