Why Roger Federer plays in Uniqlo outfits

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Why Roger Federer plays in Uniqlo outfits

Even though the $300 million 10-year contract offered by Uniqlo in 2018 is a very strong motive for Roger Federer to play under the Japanese brand, there is something about the fit of the clothes that truly makes Roger content of his decision.

“I think that the fabric is really important for me when I play because it needs to absorb the sweat very quickly. Especially in a long grueling match, I need to rely on my clothes, on my equipment and the material. I think the Dry-EX does exactly that: smooth, it feels good, so it's comfortable”.

Federer said in a new commercial video made by Uniqlo. Besides feeling and looking good on the court, Roger Federer loves the fact that Uniqlo creates casual clothing as well. “I would wear Dry-EX products when I'm going to press conferences, like a polo, or a hooded jacket when I'm travelling.

It's a nice, comfortable material and it works very well in all facets of life”. Roger pointed out. Federer offered a more thorough explanation of what he looks forward to when choosing his outfits. “There’s certain colors I don’t like to wear.

You don’t see me in yellow. There’s certain materials that don’t work well with the sweat, or they stick on your body. When you start thinking about your outfit at all times during a match, because you’re struggling with that stuff, it’s never fun”.

Federer said during a press conference held in August 2018. “The good thing is when it flows, especially when you’re playing outdoors. The good thing is when you feel it’s almost drying by itself, or if you’re sweating and there’s a cooling sensation, I like good socks.

Uniqlo has great socks, so I think that’s important. You need to have a really good stability in your shoes, and it starts with your socks, and other than that, I like if you look good, you feel good, you play good. I believe in that”.

Roger Federer concluded.