Injury forces Tiger Woods to sync with Roger Federer and retire from $9 million event

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Injury forces Tiger Woods to sync with Roger Federer and retire from $9 million event

After Roger Federer announced that he will miss the entire clay court season due to knee surgery, Tiger Woods, the 38-year-old’s legendary friend, decided to withdraw from Arnold Palmer International, a tournament with prizes amounting almost 10 million dollars.

Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, announced last week on ESPN — just a few days after Federer made public his knee problem — that Tiger will miss the tournament taking place at Bay Hill because his back is “still stiff and not quite ready”.

Just like Roger, the American, who is regarded as one of the best golfers of all time, has a greater target in his mind. If Federer is preserving himself for the grass season, obviously seeking another Wimbledon trophy, Tiger Woods is looking to get in the best shape for the Masters championship, which will take place between 9th and 12th of April.

Woods’ will aim to bag the 16th major championship in his career. However, he will struggle if he doesn’t get past his back problems, especially at his 44 years of age. And let’s not forget that he suffered multiple back surgeries across his career.

Fortunately, Woods is the en-titre champion of the Masters and can take courage from that. ”What do I need to do to get ready for the Masters? I’ve been fortunate to have done this now five times, and to try and have everything peak together for just an incredible week, it’s hard to do.

It’s hard to try and get all the shots and have everything dialed in”. Tiger said during a conference call. “The plan is to prepare the same way. It worked last year, so I’ve got a blueprint for what I need to do and hopefully I can have the same feelings”.

Woods concluded. On his turn, Roger Federer wrote some promising words in his injury announcement: “I am grateful for everyone’s support. I can’t wait to be back playing again soon, see you on the grass!” Nevertheless, the two legends’ careers are inevitably coming to an end, no matter how hard it is for their numerous fans to admit.