Roger Federer on painful loss against Rafael Nadal: One of the best matches we played

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Roger Federer on painful loss against Rafael Nadal: One of the best matches we played

In an interview to Eurosport called “My Grand Slam Journey,” Roger Federer was shown some videos of his “Australian Open memories” and was asked to describe each of them. After talking about his 2000 loss against Arnaud Clement, the Swiss recalled his 2004 title and the final against his “good friend” Marat Safin.

The third video started with Federer in tears being comforted by his rival Rafael Nadal during the prize ceremony, after the Spaniard defeated the Swiss in a five-set thriller, in the final of the 2009 Australian Open. It was an heartbreaking loss for Federer, as he had the opportunity to equal the all-time record of Grand Slams won, which was hold at that time by Pete Sampras, with 14 Majors.

It was also the fifth consecutive match (and final) that Federer lost to Nadal. “Yes, so this is… oh I wonder what year this is? Not sure, I just remember Rafa and me… I thought we both played great tennis,” the 20-Grand Slam champion first told Eurosport.

The Basel native then saw some of the highlights of this epic match that ended 7-5 3-6 7-6 3-6 6-2 in favour of Nadal after a four hours and twenty-three minutes: “This was maybe one of the best matches I think we ever played against each other.

It was incredible what he (Rafael Nadal) was able to dig out”. “You know, it wasn’t super fast, the court, and I just felt that I had to try all the tricks that I had in the book to try to manoeuvre him around.

I tried to play aggressively and it was incredible how he was defending, and defending, and defending… and at the end he got the better of me. So it was a great match overall I thought,” he concluded.