Roger Federer Foundation missed 2020 Starbucks’ grants

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Roger Federer Foundation missed 2020 Starbucks’ grants

Even though the Roger Federer Foundation received an Origin Grant from The Starbucks Foundation in 2019, the coffee brand’s charity organization has not listed the Swiss Maestro’s association among the recipients for the 2020 roundup.

Starbucks’ philanthropic initiative started in 2018, on International Women’s Day. The grants are offered to accomplish the goal of empowering 250,000 women and girls in origin communities by 2025. “The Starbucks Foundation’s multi-year strategy will promote leadership and economic empowerment opportunities for women and families in coffee, tea and cocoa growing communities” states

The coffee company’s campaign didn’t take too long before it brought results. Their efforts have already made a difference in the lives of more than 66,000 women through programs around women’s leadership, access to finance, and healthy homes in coffee- and tea-growing communities across Africa, Asia, and Latin America, according to Starbucks as quoted by Ethical Marketing News.

The foundations who got granted at this year’s selection were: Days for Girls, Girl Rising, Grounds for Health, ICAFE, Malala Fund, Mercy Corps and Village Enterprise. The total grants offered in 2019 and 2020 amount to $5 million.

However, the Roger Federer Foundation is involved in many other projects and has many supporters around the world. In fact, just a month ago it raised 3,5 million dollars to help disadvantaged African children. “What an unforgettable night.

We raised more than three-and-a-half million US dollars for vulnerable children in the region, achieved a world record with more than 51,945 spectators at a tennis match and had so much fun on the court. Thanks, Rafa for a great match, to Bill and Trevor for stepping out of their comfort zones, and most of all, thank you, South Africa, and thank you Cape Town, for all your overwhelming support and for making a difference to those who need it most”. said Roger Federer following the exhibition matches.