Roger Federer: "I feel we drifted off in a very extreme way"


Roger Federer: "I feel we drifted off in a very extreme way"
Roger Federer: "I feel we drifted off in a very extreme way"

After two decades at the top of tennis, Roger Federer is unanimously recognized as a style icon. The Swiss champion has become a model to follow also outside of tennis, also thanks to the help of his wife Mirka. “When we got together, she realised I had a few pairs of jeans, a few T-shirts, my practice shirts, maybe a jumper and a belt,” he told GQ.

“She said to me, ‘Don’t you think we should upgrade your wardrobe?’ Then the award ceremonies, and how many times can you wear the same suit with a different tie? But then I started really getting into it.

I was travelling more and going to different cities and meeting interesting people. The next thing you know, you look around yourself – maybe it’s in Milan, in New York, wherever – and you notice everyone is giving it a good effort.

Then you say, ‘Maybe I’ll try that look.’” The former World number 1 also added: “We were more connected to the street in the ’50s, ’60s, ’70s,” he says. “The ’80s it was still like that, especially with the shoes and the shirt.

When the game became more aggressive, the shoes started changing – they needed to withstand the wear and tear. They were no longer shoes we could wear on the street. “I feel we drifted off in a very extreme way. Which is understandable because we are playing in a h*t climate, we’re sweating like crazy!

I don’t want to say, we lost our way, but I always try to say to any brand I’ve worked with, ‘Let’s not forget to be connected to the street.’ Maybe the polo we wear for the match, we could also wear with jeans?”

Roger Federer

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