Medvedev: "I closely followed Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's careers"

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Medvedev: "I closely followed Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal's careers"

Daniil Medvedev gave an interview to Tennis Magazin where he talked about his plans for the future, his 2019 season and also his childhood idols. "For many Russian tennis players, Evgeny Kafelnikov was an idol, but I never saw him play.

My favorite has always been Marat Safin. I saw how I always managed to make great results in the Grand Slam and thanks to him I decided to become a tennis player. I also followed Federer and Nadal's careers closely" - the Russian said.

The Russian tennis player also spoke of what went wrong in the 2019 ATP Finals: "I should have played better, especially in the most important moments of the match. I still remember that painful defeat against Rafa where he managed to turn a result that was very adverse.

I hope never to miss a date like that again. In spite of everything, the experience was very good, since playing such a tournament is something fantastic for any tennis player. It is a unique tournament. We are always traveling, but London is the only tournament where tennis players have their own spa.

Show that you are a special person. I hope to live this experience again. I will work hard to get back there ”, he revealed. Medvedev also revealed the plans for the future: "At this point I am not studying anything because my mind is totally on tennis and my career.

When this is over, I want to pursue a career in finance or specialize in business topics. I don't want to rule out being a tennis coach or chess player. I also wanted to increase the family, but that is only in the future."