Roger Federer: 'Tennis has gone too far from its origins'

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Roger Federer: 'Tennis has gone too far from its origins'

Roger Federer is considered one of the best players ever, loved by fans and tournaments organizers. He is also considered a true icon of style and glamour. However, before he met his wife, things was different. When he met Mirka, the Swiss Maestro was not a fashion expert at all, and he paid little attention to his way of dressing: “When we met, she noticed that I had a pair of jeans, some shirts, maybe a sweater and a belt.

She said it was time to improve my wardrobe! Then slowly I started thinking about it myself. I traveled more, went to different cities and met interesting people. Tennis clothing has also changed a lot. We were more connected to the street in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.

Even in the 80s it was like that, especially with shoes and a shirt. When the game became more aggressive, shoes started to change because they had to resist wear. They were no longer the shoes that could be worn on the street.

But I feel that we went too far. I don't mean that we are lost, but I always try to remember that we are connected to the street. The polo shirt we wear to play the game could very well be associated with jeans," said Roger Federer, in a recent interview.

It should be added that, compared to the past, not only have the players' outfits changed, but also the way of playing tennis itself. Technological evolutions have improved the professional's life: new rackets, new playing surfaces, a personalized team that deals with training, physiotherapy, diet and motivation.

All to improve the business, with tennis that is growing exponentially in popularity and fans, but perhaps the old spirit is lesser today than in the past.