Piatti: "Sinner prefers to watch Nadal-Federer matches than go to the cinema"

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Piatti: "Sinner prefers to watch Nadal-Federer matches than go to the cinema"

Jannik Sinner is considered by many insiders to be the future number one in men's tennis. His coach Riccardo Piatti has contributed a lot to his rise in the past year, enhanced by the triumph at the Next Gen ATP Finals.

In this early 2020, the young Italian won his first match in a Grand Slam tournament and beat a Top 10 for the first time in his career. “Jannik’s mentality is like the sport; he loves the sport,” Piatti told ATPTour.com.

“I like my job and have done it for 40 years. He is the same, he loves his sport, and he wants to be better, improve and he is doing everything for that. He is watching a lot of matches, practising a lot, and not because he is obligated to do so.

Because he knows what he wants. It’s very easy to dedicate your life for one or two years, but I’ve been trying to tell Jannik he needs to dedicate his life to the sport for 15 years. I was in Milan at a tournament and I saw him lose 6-1, 6-2, but he was the only player who tried to change his game.

He had the attitude to win, not just put the ball over the net and hope. You could tell he was calm and could control his mind, he struck the ball nicely, but he didn’t have the power. His personality is now strong and, unlike many players I’ve coached, I can speak to him openly 30 minutes after a loss, rather than wait until the next day.

I can speak with him for six hours about tennis and he loves it. He doesn’t get distracted and prefers to watch Nadal-Federer matches let’s say, than go to the cinema”. He also added: “A doctor has followed him and we expect him to grow a little bit more, around another four centimetres.

He needs to play and work, but we need to find the right balance in not pushing him too much. When he’ll be 22, 23, he’ll be ready to compete in the bigger tournaments”.