Sam Groth: "They’re trying to kill Roger Federer's Laver Cup"

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Sam Groth: "They’re trying to kill Roger Federer's Laver Cup"

Charges continue from Roland Garros for its decision to change the dates in the fall. The last to speak was Sam Groth through The Age portal, already removed from the circuit but still waiting for each move. The Australian explains in a video his idea of the French Open, which he accuses of deliberately wanting to harm the Laver Cup forcing players to choose between one tournament and another.

"I think something which is being missed in this is the FFT, the French tennis federation. They are very much in cahoots with the ITF. They’ve been a really big supporter of the new look Davis Cup. Now what they’ve gone and done is they’ve put them in a week that coincides with the Laver Cup which people see as a bit of a threat alongside the ATP Cup to this new look Davis Cup.

So they’ve gone and basically backed themselves in, put themselves in a situation where they’re trying to I feel, kill the Laver Cup before it starts to get as big as the Ryder Cup for example. They’re sort of looking at creating that sort of model from a tennis point of view" - Groth explained.

“If you gonna go and make players decide between playing this event and play in the French Open, it’s gonna be a heck of a decision for the players to make.I won’t be surprised if this one ends at the court at some time.

Coz there’s a lot of sponsors and a lot of money involved. It’s meant to be in Boston this year,it’s gonna be an interesting one there’s a lot to play out still" - he added.