Serena Williams lauds Roger Federer for managing his two sets of twins

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Serena Williams lauds Roger Federer for managing his two sets of twins

The postponement of the Tokyo Olympics to 2021 will also have important consequences for some tennis players. The first names that come to mind are Roger Federer and Serena Williams, both born in 1981, who will arrive at the Olympics near the age of 40.

The Swiss phenomenon celebrates August 8th, while the American was born on September 26th. Roger, gold medal in Beijing 2008 and silver medal in London 2012, is the main testimonial of the Japanese brand Uniqlo, which guarantees him a salary of 300 million spread over 10 years.

It is therefore probable that the Swiss player will do everything to take part in his last Olympics. As for Serena, a lot will depend on her desire to stay fit until that date. In this regard, the attempt to hook Margaret Court's Slam record could help her.

During the Hopman Cup 2019, Serena shared about traveling the world with her daughter Olympia. And simultaneously she lauded the 20-time Grand Slam for managing his two sets of twins. “It’s definitely different. She (Olympia) is familiar, she is doing a lot of stuff, proudness and enjoyment is everything in my life, and I cannot imagine having two sets of twins.

You (Roger) are really a superman in it. Because it’s hard. It just shows that we as tennis players have a career and also realizes that family means so much to us as well,” Serena Williams shared. Federer’s ten-year-old daughters Myla Rose and Charlene Riva, his twin boys Leo and Lenny and his wife Mirka Federer, travel the world with him.