Roger Federer painted on a denim jacket: the ‘magic’ of a Romanian illusionist

Tennis - Do you see yourself wearing this jacket on a night out?

by Claudiu Pop
Roger Federer painted on a denim jacket: the ‘magic’ of a Romanian illusionist

Cristina Strecopîtov, one of the first female Romanian magicians, painted the 20-times Grand Slam winner Roger Federer on a denim jacket and she divulged that the idea came after a request from a big fan of the Swiss Maestro.

“I painted Roger Federer at the request of an acquaintance who wished for a special gift for a friend of their’s – a big fan of Roger,” said Cristina in exclusivity for Tennis World USA. Cristina Strecopîtov is a talented magician that has featured in many TV shows and big events across Romania, but you may ask yourselves what does a talented magician has to do with painting? Cristina’s passion for painting started while she was looking for the perfect gift for her dear ones.

“A while ago, during the winter holidays, I was out of gift ideas for those close to me. I thought of giving them something special, something handcrafted by me. Then, I came up with the idea of painting on clothes, sneakers or even on dogs,” said Cristina Strecopîtov.

“Everybody was delighted with my work and I was encouraged to go on with it,” she continued. Even though she started painting more professionally not long ago, this form of art is a family heritage for Cristina.

“I have had a passion for painting ever since I was a child. That is when I decided to cheer up my room and paint the walls with Disney characters. My grandfather painted beautifully and I had many of his works around the house.

Maybe that is where my penchant for painting comes from,” said Strecopîtov. Besides being a full-time magician, Cristina is also attending an acting school. She paints from passion every time she has an opportunity and takes orders from the ones that fell in love with her talent.

“When I feel I need a break, I sit down and paint.

Painting calms me down, it detaches me from all the daily problems,” said Cristina. You can reach out for your own Roger Federer artwork or other requests by heading over to Cristina’s special Instagram page (@__magicbrush__) or her Etsy page (MagicWandCristina).

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