Alexander Zverev: "It’s tough to have Roger Federer as idol"

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Alexander Zverev: "It’s tough to have Roger Federer as idol"

In his young career, Alexander Zverev has already won 11 ATP tournaments, including the 2018 ATP Finals, and has come 18 times in the final. He was No. 3 in the ATP ranking, position reached on November 6, 2017 and again on April 22, 2018.

In the Grand Slam tournaments, he reached the semifinal at the Australian Open of 2020. Zverev's tennis idol is Roger Federer. He has said Federer is the only player that has made him feel starstruck. When Zverev defeated Federer to win his second career Masters title at the 2017 Canadian Open, he said, "This one against Roger is something so special for me because he was always a great idol growing up for me.

The greatest player of all time, beating him in a final, not just any final but in the final of a Masters 1000, is amazing." However, Sascha believes that Roger can no longer be an idol for him. “My idol in tennis was always Roger Federer.

But I’ve played against him quite often, so it’s tough to have an idol now. But if I had to pick one it would always be Roger Federer” - the World number 7 said. The German has also had a phenomenal record against the Swiss maestro.

He holds a positive win-loss record of 4-3. Perhaps, that’s the reason why Roger also rates him so highly. Zverev has been praised by members of the Big Four as one of their potential successors. Rafael Nadal has called him a "clear possible future No.

1," while Novak Djokovic has said, "Hopefully, he can surpass me." Zverev has won 11 ATP titles in singles and two in doubles.