"Alcaraz's style can be compared to Roger Federer and Djokovic", says Ferrero

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"Alcaraz's style can be compared to Roger Federer and Djokovic", says Ferrero

Carlos Alcaraz Garfia is the most promising young man in the Spanish federation: he is the youngest player in the top 800 in the ranking and is writing history in this period. On February, the Spaniard became the first born in 2003 to win a match on the major circuit, when he beat compatriot Albert Ramos-Viñolas, seeded number 7, at the ATP 500 tournament in Rio de Janeiro, where he had been admitted through a wild card.

The Spaniard has hired former World number 1 Juan Carlos Ferrero to be his coach and the 2003 French Open champion has been impressed with what he's seen from the youngster. "He likes to be very aggressive all the time.

He likes to play close to the baseline," Ferrero told the ATP. "He’s not the typical player who only plays on clay courts. He likes to play on hard courts and he loves to play on grass. He played last year for the first time on grass and he loved it.

He loves to finish points at the net. At the beginning, when I first met him, I almost was sure that his best level was on clay, but I think now he’s improving so much on hard court and I think he can even give a little bit more level on hard court, so that’s very good.

He’s playing very aggressive from the baseline and he needs to improve a little bit his serve. But for 16, he’s serving well. If I have to say someone that I can compare him to, it’s the game of Novak Djokovic or maybe Roger Federer. They like to be aggressive from the baseline and they can go to the net to finish the point."