Roger Federer will try two-handed backhand after seeing the benefits

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Roger Federer will try two-handed backhand after seeing the benefits

In these weeks without tennis Roger Federer is training his backhand to try new solutions for when he will come back on the court. Essentially he is trying the two-handed backhand: during his career he has always played the one-handed backhand, which according to many fans and insiders, was the technical weak point of his career.

This was especially seen in matches against Rafael Nadal, with the Spaniard's forehand full of top-spin which for many seasons sent Federer into crisis. At the Australian Open 2017 Federer won thanks to his one-handed backhand.

However, the choice to try the two-handed backhand came after the final lost at Wimbledon 2019 against Novak Djokovic. Now that tennis has stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Federer is resuming training after last February's right knee surgery, done just after his charity event Match for Africa 6. In these days he is training the two-handed backhand after having tested all the benefits and advantages he saw in these weeks: when the Coronavirus emergency is over and the players will be able to back on the court the opponents of the Swiss Maestro will have to adapt their tennis in order to face this new weapon.

Roger Federer will use this new technique to compete better especially against Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. He can still play until 2021, perhaps until 2022 if the emergency will cancel the entire 2020 tennis season. Just to increase his longevity he decided to use new techniques and new training, unless this is a ... April Fool's Day!!!