A Roger Federer's record which no one can break

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A Roger Federer's record which no one can break

Roger Federer is one of the greatest tennis players in history, thanks to his titles, his records and the impossible achievements. There are some goals and some statistics that his opponents will hardly overcome. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will have the great chance in the coming months (or from 2021) to reach and exceed Roger's 20 Slam records, but in other statistics, the run-up will take long to equal Federer's record.

One of the most interesting statistics to analyze concerns the weeks on the top of the ATP ranking. Federer leads this special all-time ranking. In fact, he has a total of 310 weeks on the top of the ranking. In second position there is Pete Sampras with 286 and in third place Novak Djokovic with 282.

The Swiss Maestro also leads the statistics of the consecutive weeks spent in the first place of the ATP ranking: 237 weeks. An impressive statistic, if we think that Jimmy Connors is in second place with 160 consecutive weeks and Ivan Lendl is third with 157 consecutive weeks.

Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal are clearly behind in this particular statistic: because of his injuries, Rafael Nadal was first for 56 consecutive weeks (overall 209), while Novak Djokovic for 122 consecutive weeks. If they should play at least until they are 39-40, they could try to approach Federer's record but it will be a very hard challenge.

Talking about percentages, here is the top-10 of this particular statistic: Roger Federer 237 consecutive weeks out of 310 total: 76.45%
Jimmy Connors 160 consecutive weeks out of 268 in total: 59.7%
Ivan Lendl 157 consecutive weeks out of 270 total: 58.14%
Novak Djokovic 122 consecutive weeks out of 282 in total: 43.26%
Pete Sampras 102 consecutive weeks out of 286 in total_ 35.66%
Lleyton Hewitt 75 consecutive weeks out of 80 total: 93.75%
John McEnroe 58 consecutive weeks out of 170 weeks: 34.11%
Rafael Nadal 56 consecutive weeks out of 209 total: 26.79%
André Agassi 52 consecutive weeks out of 101 total_ 51.48%
Björn Borg 46 consecutive weeks out of 109 total: 42.2