Todd Woodbridge: 'Roger Federer will hardly win any Major after coronavirus break'

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Todd Woodbridge: 'Roger Federer will hardly win any Major after coronavirus break'

The Main Board of the All England Club (AELTC) and the Committee of Management of The Championships decided on Wednesday to cancel Wimbledon for the first time since 1945 due to a dangerous situation with a coronavirus. The health concerns always have to come first and both the ATP and WTA Tour will have to wait at least until mid-July to get the players back to the court.

However, it seems more and more likely that we won't get any tennis again in 2020, with the pandemic raging on in Western Europe and around the world, forcing players to stay at home ever since the beginning of March.

As was expected, the players were devastated after hearing the news, missing another big event after Indian Wells, Miami, Monte Carlo, Madrid and Rome and having to deal with longer and longer break from their regular jobs.

The nine-time doubles Wimbledon champion Todd Woodbridge believes nothing will be the same after the coronavirus, with tennis heading towards the new era once the action resumes. The Aussie said Roger Federer would struggle to find the pace and rhythm again, turning 39 in August and coming from a long break caused by the coronavirus and that knee surgery he had to undergo in February.

Roger is currently the leader of the pack with 20 Majors and Woodbridge believes that number will not change in the future, with a chance for Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic to catch or even pass the great Swiss in the upcoming years.

"The question that Roger will have to ask himself is how motivated is he to come back for another year?" Woodbridge told AAP. "Or has this actually helped him? The less match play that you get in this period at that age, it's so much harder to come back and recover once you start again.

So I really think that post-2020 will be a new era of people trying to create records because it'll have really have broken up a great period in tennis. It has stopped the potential, I think, of Federer winning one or two Majors more. It becomes very highly unlikely for him."