Toni Nadal: "The cancellation of Wimbledon is a blow for Roger Federer"

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Toni Nadal: "The cancellation of Wimbledon is a blow for Roger Federer"

On March 28, 2004, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal met for the first time in Miami. It was the first chapter of a rivalry that would indelibly enter the history of this sport by making us have fun for 16 years. In that circumstance, the young Spaniard beat the World number 1 with a double 6-3 in an hour and ten minutes of play.

In an interview with Spanish publication Marca, Toni Nadal was asked which of the 'Big Three' was most affected by Wimbledon not taking place. "It is clear that yes [they are most affected]," he said. "Those who are most affected are those who each year that passes is one more that they will notice.

I imagine that the cancellation of Wimbledon for Federer is a blow, but he also said that the important thing right now is health and not thinking about tennis or anything else." Meanwhile, Wimbledon CEO Richard Lewis says tennis must wait before knowing whether it can resume again this year.

"It’s a challenge for everybody. Let’s hope the US Open and Roland Garros can take place. It would be genuinely wonderful if the sport was off and running again. The optimist in me – and I am often not optimistic – still hopes the American hardcourt season, the big tournaments, the Masters and the Premiers, will take place: Montreal, Toronto and then Cincinnati.

But we all know that’s probably tenuous at the moment. I don’t think it’s unrealistic to say that there may be no more tennis this year. But I would like to think that things will settle down so that tournaments can be played sooner rather than later”.