Judy Murray: 'Andy is still only 33 and look at Roger Federer'

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Judy Murray: 'Andy is still only 33 and look at Roger Federer'

Andy Murray is working hard to return to the field after the many physical problems that have plagued him in recent years. At the end of November 2019, a television documentary, Andy Murray: Resurfacing, was released on the Amazon Prime platform, detailing Murray's various attempts to overcome his hip injury over a two-year period from his defeat at Wimbledon in 2017 to his doubles victory at Queen's Club in 2019.

The cancellation of Wimbledon could help Andy Murray - but may well be bad news for fans of SW19 legends Roger Federer and Serena Williams. Murray’s ongoing injury problems made it touch and go whether he would have been ready to play at the All England Club in June.

Judy Murray has dismissed suggestions that her son Andy may have played his last match at Wimbledon, adding that he can still team up with brother Jamie in the men’s doubles in future. “I am sure [Andy] will [play again at Wimbledon],” Judy told BBC Scotland.

“It is three months until Wimbledon would have been on and then it will be another 12 months and Andy is still only 33 and look at [Roger] Federer! He is still going strong at 38, and there’s Serena [Williams, who is also 38], so there is no reason, so long as he stays fit and healthy, why he can’t play at Wimbledon again.

It’s the same for Jamie as well. One of the things that Jamie said recently, when he was asked what his goals are or what he still wants to achieve before the end of his career, he said that he wanted to be able to play a Wimbledon with his brother so let’s hope that can happen one day”.