Thierry Ascione: I can't Imagine Roger Federer Missing French Open over Laver Cup

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Thierry Ascione: I can't Imagine Roger Federer Missing French Open over Laver Cup

Lyon Open tournament director Thierry Ascione says he thinks Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer will back the French Open over his own Laver Cup as will many other players. Due to the cancelation of several tennis tournaments, the French Tennis Federation has moved the French Open to September which means it would clash with the Laver Cup, which is backed by Federer's own company.

Speaking to Express Sport, Ascione says, "I cannot imagine [Federer misses the French Open] to be honest. I can't for the moment. I cannot imagine that players prefer to play the Laver Cup than the French Open. But if they do I don't have answers to this because I think it is impossible.

I think if they play Laver Cup instead of Roland Garros they do what they want. That's their career but I think they have to move something or I don't know. Honestly, I can understand that it is a private conversation and private economic things.

But to think the Laver Cup is more important than Wimbledon or Roland Garros, there is no... in terms of fans, history, I am sure the players will go to the French Open. If they don't that is their choice but I am French, that's my point of view."

Ascione does agree that the French Federation did not make their decision and announcement in the right manner by not consulting the tennis authorities but maintains that the clay court Grand Slam remains more important than the Laver Cup.

"It's tough to talk about that because what is the most important? Laver Cup or French Open? Even if the Laver Cup has the date and they have been doing it for three years now, I think for the tennis world and the institution of tennis the Grand Slam is much more important than the Laver Cup.

I cannot imagine that somebody is saying something different than this. Moving Roland Garros is good move, but the way it has been done is maybe not the right way. I think the most important thing in tennis is the Grand Slams."