Paolo Bertolucci: Roger Federer Will Surely Return in 2021

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Paolo Bertolucci: Roger Federer Will Surely Return in 2021

Former Italian tennis player and Sky Sports commentator Paolo Bertolucci says he believes Swiss tennis legend Roger Federer will return to the season in 2021 even if the entire season is cancelled this year. Speaking to OA Sport, Bertolucci says, "Yes, I really believe he will continue in 2021.

At what levels it is difficult to say. At his age, every year counts.. While skipping a year doesn't make a difference for young people, when you start to cross the 30-32 threshold every year it gets more and more complicated, even more if you get close to 40.

This is mainly true for him, a little less for Nadal , even less for Djokovic. It is true that they are very great champions and will be able to better manage all these months of inactivity, but inevitably they will pay. On the other hand, young people who would have needed to play many games to accumulate experience will not be able to do it, but I still believe that the gap will decrease "

Speaking about the tennis calendar changes, the Italian says that he agrees with the movement to cancel the tournaments until grass and thinks it may be difficult for the season to resume in 2020. "In my opinion tennis has moved very well.

It was the first sport to block everything, first for six weeks by blowing up the European spring on clay and then canceling the grass too. I believe it would take a miracle to start over on American concrete, but it is much more likely that it will arrive at least in September.

I absolutely do not hope so, but if the epidemic continues in this way and they cannot find an effective remedy in a short time, I think it is difficult to start over. It is true that tennis is not a contact sport, but it is about players who move from one continent to another every week: travel is the real problem, not so much the game itself.

You could opt for closed doors or for a distancing of the spectators, but I find that hard. Starting on concrete seems an extremely optimistic idea, doing it in Asia in October is something more realistic, but in the end I wouldn't be surprised if the whole season was skipped.

" Among the new players, Bertolucci, who won the 1977 Hamburg Masters, speaks highly of 18 year old Jannik Sinner and says that the Italian will continue to rise in the coming years. “He would have needed to play a lot this year, but he is so young that he can even afford to lose a year.

He will watch many games and study tactically, I know he watches one match after another. I have never seen an Italian boy express himself at those levels at 18. He must certainly work on every aspect, but he has enormous margins for improvement.

He must physically improve, raise the percentage of first serves and the percentage of returns, he must learn to find new offensive solutions and to know areas of the court that he has so far not frequented. In my opinion he is a more suitable player for hard court, but he can also play well on the ground and on the grass.

But these are things that he will discover only later, in a few years. We can begin to draw the first sums in 2023."