Peter Lundgren on Coaching Roger Federer, Marcelo Rios and Marat Safin

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Peter Lundgren on Coaching Roger Federer, Marcelo Rios and Marat Safin

Peter Lundgren, the former coach of Roger Federer, Marcelo Rios and Marat Safin, spoke about his work with the former World No. 1s in an interview with TenisBrasil. The 55 year old Lundgren says, "With Marcelo Ríos, we worked very hard on the service, how to be more aggressive and how to make him step correctly in the formation of his backhand, creating contact earlier with the ball.

On the forehand, Marcelo did not need help, it was always an incredible shot. With Federer, it was a similar situation to that of Rios. I didn't have to work so much on the forehand, but how to attack with the forehand. With regard to backhand, serve and volley, of course, all of these strokes needed a lot of help at the time.

It is also worth mentioning the improvement in the physical part, which had great collaboration from the trainer Pierre Paganini, who joined the team and helped us a lot. With Marat, volley was our main focus at the beginning of the work.

He had some problems covering the net because he just didn't know how to do it. The improvement was noticeable, I remember that in the 2005 Australian Open title campaign he went to the net 85 times and won I think 80% of the points.

Another aspect we worked on was the 'toss' (throwing the ball) of the service, there was a lot of kick serve (effect to make the ball go up when it touches the ground, but with that it loses speed) in the first serve, but the second service it worked well.

We also made progress with the forehand, but using the shot tactically to attack the opponents' right side." The former World No. 25 has also worked with Stan Wawrinka and Grigor Dimitrov in recent years and spoke about his work with them.

"Since the age of 18, Grigor already had a very good base of strokes, so we were basically focused on perfecting his entire game. Only in the service we had to pay more attention and he, in turn, had to work harder. With Stan, we also worked on the forehand, mainly with the aim of making his ball penetrate more than he was used to.

The second main point was the progress we had with the volleys, there we need to work hard on the execution, as well as on the mechanics of the serve. Sometimes he needed to use his legs more (for propulsion), moreover his 'toss' was very low at times.

Lundgren says he is currently back in Sweden and working to develop new talent in the country which he hopes to resume after the current coronavirus crisis. "When I decided to go back to Sweden, in Stockholm, I met many people from Stockholm Tennis who asked me if I would like to work with the best youth in the city twice a week.

Recently, I also had an invitation from another club in Stockholm to carry out a similar project, but for now it is paralyzed due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus. When things get better, we’ll come back to ideas for sure."