Roger Federer applauds Andy Roddick’s helping hand to poor Austin families


Roger Federer applauds Andy Roddick’s helping hand to poor Austin families
Roger Federer applauds Andy Roddick’s helping hand to poor Austin families

Roger Federer appreciated Andy Roddick Foundation’s initiative to help poor families from Austin, Texas, which are heavily affected by the coronavirus crisis. Federer called Roddick’s good deed a “wonderful contribution”.

Founded in 2000, Andy Roddick Foundation created a Family Emergency Fund on 3 April to help the Texans which found themselves in a very difficult situation once the pandemic struck. Kids are especially affected as many of them relied on the two meals offered by schools to get their vital daily nutrients.

“It’s a huge deal. If you think about the cost of groceries, even the smallest donation can cover groceries for a day, which in these times is huge. That was our first goal: we’ve got to replace these two meals a day, to not throw a family that’s already potentially in a stressful situation in a financially stressful situation,” Roddick said for

“Thankfully we do plan ahead so we do have a little bit of a runway, but we also have staff and food and there are so many different needs we have to fill right now. Anything we can get helps, and the Austin community has been amazing… Every little bit at this moment in time can make the difference for a family,” Andy continued.

In the first 3 days since the emergency fund’s launch, over $15,000 have been raised. It’s a good amount, but Roddick feels committed to helping the Austin community and he takes an example from other tennis stars who consistently help those around them, like Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and more.

“When you’re looking at people like Billie Jean King and Arthur Ashe and Andre Agassi and Martina Navratilova and what Venus and Serena have done, tennis has always had that culture… It does elicit a sort of pride to be part of that community, but it also creates a responsibility to do your part,” said Andy Roddick.

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