John Millman recalls his victory over Roger Federer in New York

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John Millman recalls his victory over Roger Federer in New York

John Millman made one of the most surprising victories in recent years at the 2018 US Open when he defeated five-time champion Roger Federer in four sets to reach the quarterfinals. The former World number 1 paid a high price for the humidity of that strange New York evening, which the Australian still remembers with enormous pleasure.

“I think one of the most important things about your tennis career and what I want to take away from it when I’m finished is a couple of little pictures that you store away in the memory bank,” Millman advised

“I still store away that match point when I won that one and it’s something I’ll hopefully take with me long after tennis" - Millman said. “You’re just trying to tell yourself when you’re walking onto that court in that warm-up to try to get the feet going and try to just familiarise yourself with your surroundings as quickly as possible because it’s different,” Millman stated.

“It’s a massive stadium and it’s one of those places you watched as a kid”. The World No. 55 had by no means beforehand crushed an opponent contained in the Top 10 of the ATP Rankings (0-10). “I’m lucky probably that I’d faced him before and I faced him in Brisbane where there was a fair bit of pressure on me because you’re playing at home and the last thing you want to do is get whipped in front of your home crowd and home support,” Millman added.

“So I felt as if I’d played him under a bit of pressure before and that definitely helped going into that match”.