Marius Copil: ‘Roger Federer is passionate about tennis’

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Marius Copil: ‘Roger Federer is passionate about tennis’

During an Instagram Live, Romanian player Marius Copil gave his opinion on the players of the Big Four and the reason why they are still playing tennis. “Roger [Federer] is passionate about tennis," the former World No.

56 told the admin of the Official Troll Tennis Instagram account. "I practiced a couple of times with him, before matches, and… I remember when he was playing in Miami, I don’t remember against whom, and during the practice he asked me ‘Do you know this guy?’ I checked him out, and the guy was fifty or sixty, and he [Federer] had been number one for so many years, but he was putting in this type of work to see what were the good shots of the opponent, the mistakes, and so on.

Roger, with as much experience as he has, loves to scout his opponent and talking about him with some other player. And it’s during the practice before the match, he’s just talking about the other guy to see what he can do better and how to beat him.

This is passion, for me. If he didn’t have passion - he’s almost forty, right now - he would have stopped. Because he has so much money, he has kids… So the passion is there. It’s the same with Rafa [Rafael Nadal] and Nole [Novak Djokovic].

And Andy Murray. After two surgeries, and knowing that if he’s not well he can lose his ability to walk, he’s still going back to tennis”. Copil also shared his opinion on the GOAT topic.