Soderling: 'Rafael Nadal is really difficult to stop on clay'


Soderling: 'Rafael Nadal is really difficult to stop on clay'
Soderling: 'Rafael Nadal is really difficult to stop on clay'

Roger Federer is still at the top of the all-time ranking with 20 Slam titles won, but his last Major dates back to the Australian Open 2018. Rafael Nadal follows him a distance away, while Novak Djokovic is getting closer to 17 (thanks to the triumph at the Australian Open 2020).

Two other Slams are still potentially planned this year, the US Open and Roland Garros, where Djokovic and Nadal will start with the prediction's favors. Former French Open finalist Robin Soderling feels Roger Federer no longer “has the hunger in him” to win a major.

“It is more likely that Rafa will win a Grand Slam this year or next year than Roger,” he told Sky Sports’ Raz Mirza. “He can still do it but I don’t believe he has the hunger in him now, but we will see.

When they’re all retired it’s going to be Nadal or Djokovic who will end up with the most Grand Slams. I’ve played against all the top guys many times and the thing about Rafa is that it doesn’t matter if he’s down a set and 5-0, he will still fight until the end.

Against all the other top players you can see there might be a lack in concentration and of course it’s tough to play when you’re losing, but with Rafa it doesn’t matter if it’s the first point in the match or if it’s 5-0 in the fifth, he will fight for every point.

His game is just perfect for clay. The ball bounces higher which helps his top-spin and gives him a bit more time on his forehand. He doesn’t have any problems stepping into the court, creating space for angles. When he gets that time then it’s really difficult to stop him" - the former World number 4 added.

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