Rafael Nadal’s manager: 'Roger Federer cannot be called the GOAT'

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Rafael Nadal’s manager: 'Roger Federer cannot be called the GOAT'

There is a topic that enhances the fans, even more in coronavirus time with the stop of tennis set at the moment until July 12th and great uncertainty about the recovery times of the ATP and WTA world tour. Four letters, a magic word, an acronym that makes the opposite factions dream and unleashes: GOAT.

Greatest of All Time. The biggest ever. Many have spoken about it, using the most disparate criteria, often to give credit to their thesis. “Watching Jordan’s documentary I have realized one thing. I have thought to say it or not because it would surely attract someone offended but without you having to think like me, this is my way of seeing sport and for this, from my point of view, Roger Federer is the GOAT of tennis,” a journalist named Jose Moron wrote on Twitter.

“Federer, like Michael Jordan, invented a way to play. He turned the sport around. He made many notice him to follow in his footsteps or had it in mind to motivate himself and want to be better than him. You only get that if you are the best at what you do,” he added.

Surprisingly, Rafael Nadal’s manager, Benito Perez Barbadillo, indulged in a GOAT debate with a journalist on social media. “Fortunately, tennis does not follow your criteria … nothing,” Benito replied.

“The criterion you do not establish so it makes it very unprofessional. For amateur tennis, you do very well. But we are talking about professional tennis”. The debate over who is the best amongst the ‘Big 3″ is meaningless as they are all just out of this world.