Swiss fifth tier club FC Villarepos Offer Roger Federer a Football Contract

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Swiss fifth tier club FC Villarepos Offer Roger Federer a Football Contract

Swiss fifth tier club FC Villarepos are attempting to sign 20 time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer to their team. The club have prepared a Villarepos jersey with 'Federer 20' printed on it and registration papers just in case Federer agrees to their amusing offer.

As a youngster, Federer played as an attacker for the youth teams of FC Concordia Basel - also a fifth division club prior to going professional on the tennis circuit. FC Villarepos have taken out his former registration papers and a transfer letter has been drafted and sent to the Swiss legend, who is currently recuperating from a knee surgery, for his signature.

While the club president Pierre Schouwey says that he has no expectation of Federer accepting their 'crazy' wish, he does hope the Swiss legend would pose with their jersey to make a connection with the team. "I've been talking about this idea for a while but I never had too much time to carry it out.

Let's say that confinement allowed me to carry out this plan. "Even if he refuses to play for FCV, it would already be crazy to succeed in creating a link between Roger Federer and FC Villarepos. "If he already wanted to post a photo with the jersey, or sign it and send it back to us, that would be unexpected."

The club's letter to Federer even includes some terms and conditions - "No doubt you don't know Villarepos FC. That is why we introduce ourselves briefly. "The FCV is a Freiburg club - with only one active team in the fifth league, we are also one of the smallest clubs in Switzerland.

"Our limitless imagination has always compensated for our lack of body size in the field. Our latest wish is a little bit crazy: to recruit you! "We discovered that you still have an amateur license that Concordia Basel has deactivated.

That is why we suggest that you deposit your 'Player Pass' with us. "You can join us immediately - or after the end of your tennis career (which I hope will continue for a long time). "Still not convinced? Here are arguments that won't leave you cold.

"1. The number 20 is reserved for you. Depending on the development of your further career, we are of course also willing to give you the numbers 21, 22, 23 or - who knows - 24. "2. At Villarepos we treat everyone the same.

Therefore, you would also have to pay the membership fee of CHF 180. We may be able to accommodate you with your mileage costs. Of course, only if you don't come from Dubai. "3. In the fifth league you have no stress with the line judges: there are none."