Youzhny: 'Roger Federer is the most complete player, but Nadal and Djokovic...'

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Youzhny: 'Roger Federer is the most complete player, but Nadal and Djokovic...'

Mikhail Youzhny has always been one of Roger Federer's favorite victims, who never beat him in 17 head-to-head. After retiring from the ATP world tour, the former World number embarked on his coaching career contributing to the rise of Denis Shapovalov in the past twelve months.

During a recent interview with the Russian media Sport Express, Youzhny also gave his opinion on the famous 'Big 3': "I think Roger Federer is by far the most versatile of three, he can do anything. Afterwards, I would say that Nadal and Djokovic are more constant and even more stable psychologically.

Once you have said that, it is very difficult to decide between them and I do not think it is very useful. Everyone has their qualities and everyone values our sport perfectly. I know the big question is trying to figure out who wins the most Grand Slam tournaments.

If you want to be very pragmatic, I would say that Novak Djokovic is the least well placed because he is late, even if he is younger. And you have to take into account the young generation who is coming and who is progressing, and I know what I'm talking about since I train Denis Shapovalov."

This year Federer will not be able to go hunting for his ninth title at Wimbledon, which was canceled for the first time. from the Second World War due to the Coronavirus emergency. ATP and WTA have announced the suspension until at least 13th July due to the pandemic, but the current situation does not favor a rapid return to normal.

It is rumored that the suspension will be extended at least until the beginning of August, pending to know the fate of the US Open in mid-June.