Todd Martin reveals why Roger Federer could be dangerous


Todd Martin reveals why Roger Federer could be dangerous
Todd Martin reveals why Roger Federer could be dangerous

The rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal has brought many sportsmen from other disciplines closer to tennis. The comparison of styles and the longevity of these two champions have allowed our sport to live its golden age, thanks also to the rise of Novak Djokovic who managed to break the dominion of the two sacred monsters.

The Swiss Maestro still holds the record of Slam titles at 20, but Nadal and Djokovic chase him at 19 and 17 respectively. This year Federer will not be able to go hunting for his ninth title at Wimbledon, which was canceled for the first time.

from the Second World War due to the Coronavirus emergency. The dispute of the US Open and Roland Garros is still uncertain. Former US Open finalist Todd Martin has backed Roger Federer to explode out of the blocks and challenge for his 21st Grand Slam title when tennis gets the green light to resume.

“I would look at Federer and think that he would like to play the US Open on day one after quarantine because his game is so simple and instinctive and traditional,” Martin told Tennis365. “I would imagine he would be able to wake up and hit the tennis ball better than anyone right away.

He is a natural. When I was coaching Mardy Fish in the mid-2000s right after I stopped playing, we went over to London and set up practice with Roger. I was out on the practice court and Roger couldn’t have been lazier.

No footwork, just slapping the ball around. There was one sequence in the warm-up, just five minutes in, and he hit three backhand slices in a row and he hit them three different ways. Probably, none of them were technically right, but his hand and his upper body balance were so good that he made each of those balls do exactly the same thing.

People used to talk about Henri Leconte’s hand and how magical it was, that he could do so much when he was not in the right position. Well, Roger is always in the right position and he makes Henri Leconte’s hand look like a beginner’s" - he added.

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