Todd Martin: 'Roger Federer wants to conclude his career on a bona fide high note'

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Todd Martin: 'Roger Federer wants to conclude his career on a bona fide high note'

The 2020 season risks being compromised due to the pandemic. After undergoing surgery on his right knee, former World number 1 Roger Federer will be ready to return to play in the summer, but will not be able to try to win his ninth Wimbledon title this year.

Former US Open finalist Todd Martin believes the shut-down of the tennis tour and the postponement of the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo may have impacted Federer’s potential retirement date. “Laver Cup in Switzerland last year looked at one point in time as a logical farewell,” he reflected.

“Then, I think most conventional wisdom went towards 2020 and the Olympics, Roger would call it a day. With the Olympic being postponed, I would imagine it will compel him to play another year. Plus, this is no way to end anything.

It is really important to Roger, I would imagine, to conclude his career on a bona fide high note. Nothing I’ve seen indicates that physically he is incapable of keeping going. Nothing I’ve seen has indicated his love for the sport has waned, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we see several more years out of him.

This is going to be a challenging phase for players to cope with. None of them, except for injury, have had this type of time like this just to chill-out. Health will be high, but there are no repetitions for any of them. Caging that animal (tennis players) will have consequences, but they don’t get to hit any tennis balls and most people will have different ideas on how to train now.

How quickly they can come out of this and get back into playing shape and restructure or prepare their game will be really interesting" - he said.