Football star: 'Roger Federer was ridiculous, winning 12 Majors between..'

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Football star: 'Roger Federer was ridiculous, winning 12 Majors between..'

Speaking for BBC Sport Scotland, Arsenal football player Jen Beattie revealed Roger Federer as her idol and role model. The defender admitted she is a big tennis fan, playing her friends when she was younger and enjoying watching the Swiss maestro in his prime years, especially at Wimbledon where he dominated for a half a decade.

Roger claimed the first Major title at Wimbledon in 2003, becoming the dominant figure in men's tennis a year later and claiming 12 out of 20 of the most notable titles between 2003-07. Jen loves Roger's calmness and composure on and off the court, even in front of tens of thousands of fans in the stands or millions of people in front of the TV.

Also, the Scot praised the sportsmanship of the Swiss, calling it second to none. "From a young age, I've been a big tennis fan. I used to play at a club across the road from my school in Jordanhill, usually, my three best mates and me playing doubles.

I've always loved watching Wimbledon and when I was growing up, Roger Federer was the men's champion every year. He had some epic finals - the ones against Andy Roddick in particular - but he always seemed to prevail.

Federer was ridiculous at that time, winning 12 Grand slams between 2003 and 2007. And I could watch that backhand in action over and over again. I love the way he carries himself on and off the court. His calmness and composure is something I have always really admired.

I remember watching him when I was younger and thinking, "This guy is playing in front of tens of thousands of fans, millions more around the world watching on TV, and he's just so cool, calm and collected."

Even in his interviews, he makes a point of showing admiration and respect - genuine respect - for his opponents. His sportsmanship is second to none and I've always loved that about him."