Todd Martin: 'Roger Federer is the most aesthetically pleasing ever, but Djokovic...'

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Todd Martin: 'Roger Federer is the most aesthetically pleasing ever, but Djokovic...'

The eternal debate on the biggest ever has generated countless controversies and sparked various squabbles between the different factions. Roger Federer holds the highest number of Grand Slam titles (20) and weeks at the top of the ATP ranking, but Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have everything they need to break his records as they are younger.

During an exclusive interview with Tennis365, former US Open finalist Todd Martin believes Novak Djokovic could go down in history as the greatest player of all-time. “Roger is the most aesthetically pleasing I have ever seen,” explained Martin, who was part of Djokovic’s coaching team in 2009 and 2010.

“He is pleasing with the serve, he is pleasing with the return, offence, defence… everything he does really looks beautiful. For me though, if Novak is right, if Novak is confident and comfortable with his physical status and is really focused, I’ve never seen anybody more unbeatable.

This guy has played the game better than anyone else ever has, in my opinion. His athleticism is from another world. His return of serve is way better than any other return of serve ever and I mean way better. Nobody has gotten so many balls back and neutralised so many good serves.

Having worked with him, when he is focused he has that I’m going through a brick wall mentality. Now he is not always focused, but when he is and we have seen this for long stretches, he doesn’t have to play great. He is that much of a fighter and thrives on it" - he added.