Roger Federer recalls his surgery in 2016

The Swiss Maestro wants to take all the time necessary to recover 100% of his physical condition

by Simone Brugnoli
Roger Federer recalls his surgery in 2016

There is absolutely no rush for Roger Federer. During a video conference with Gustavo Kuerten last week, the 20-time Grand Slam champion admitted that he has not yet resumed training for one simple reason: it will still be several months before the circuit will start again after the Coronavirus emergency.

Operated on his right knee last February, the Swiss veteran wants to take all the time necessary to recover 100% of his physical condition (also mindful of the experience of four years ago).

Federer on his surgery in 2016

During his talk with Kuerten, the Swiss Maestro confided that after suffering the injury in 2016, he had a difficult year and wondered if his career had drawn to a premature close.

"I had the injury in 2016. And it was a very difficult year. I had thoughts, of course. 'Is this going to be the end?" - the former World number 1 explained. "But I really felt that this surgery was not going to end my career," Roger Federer said.

"I believed I would have a second chance. And I did. That was a big surprise for me. I was able to return in 2017 very strong, not only at the Australian Open, but throughout the year. That was really cool. It was my first surgery, I wasn't sure how to deal with it.

Because I really thought, 'I don't want to have another surgery in my career.' And it definitely tested my mind,” Roger Federer added. "It happened the day after the game against Djokovic," Federer continued. "I woke up, I don't remember exactly how the movement was, but I felt pain.

I was going to take the girls (their daughters) to the bathroom, I heard a click, and then I went for a walk. I returned to Switzerland and the doctor told me to have the surgery. When I received the news that I had to have the operation, I understood, saw the images and believed in the doctor.

At the hospital, before going to surgery, I was very nervous and sad about all of that. I was thinking positively. I exercised two to three times a day during recovery. I was able to stay in Switzerland for five weeks, which is rare for us, staying at home for so long.

I was able to enjoy more time with my family, away from the circuit. I thought it would be more like massage, rest, but it was hard work. I liked this process, if it makes any sense to you" - Roger concluded.

Roger Federer