Luthi: 'It’s not necessary to really hit for Roger Federer'

The former World number 1 does not play an official game from the Australian Open semifinal

by Simone Brugnoli
Luthi: 'It’s not necessary to really hit for Roger Federer'

Roger Federer does not play an official game from the Australian Open semifinal. He underwent surgery on his right knee, did not compete in February and in the meantime saw the tour suspended from the pandemic. Now that he is allowed to return to training, the Swiss player prefers do not train because he sees no reason to train in this period without tournaments.

There is no stress for Roger Federer

His coach Severin Luthi believes that his pupil does not need to worry about hitting the balls. “We try to stay in touch, see if there is some news and I think for him it’s not necessary for him to be worried about hitting balls too much.

You saw maybe on social media, he was hitting balls against the wall with the volleying challenge. He does that for fun. It’s not necessary to really hit for him,” Severin Luthi told Tennis Channel. “He is also coming back from knee surgery.

At the moment, there is no stress really to feel the pressure that you have to practice a lot. I think if the tournaments should start again, there’s gonna be enough time,” he added. Roger Federer has won more Grand Slam tournament titles (20) than any other men's singles player.

He is also the first men's singles player to have reached ten consecutive Grand Slam tournament finals and a total of 31 Grand Slam finals. He has earned a men's doubles gold medal, and a men's single silver medal at the Olympics in 2008 and 2012, respectively.

He has spent the most amount of time in the Open Era at the top of the ATP Rankings (310 weeks). He also holds the record for the most titles (6) at the year-end tournament, where only the year-end eight highest-ranked players participate.

Federer was ranked among the top eight players in the world continuously for 14 years and two weeks—from 14 October 2002 until 31 October 2016, when injuries forced him to skip much of the 2016 season. .

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