Daria Gavrilova reflects on Roger Federer's ATP & WTA merger proposal

Also, Gavrilova speaks on Nick Kyrgios' stance against the proposal.

by Dzevad Mesic
Daria Gavrilova reflects on Roger Federer's ATP & WTA merger proposal

Australian tennis star Daria Gavrilova has nothing against Roger Federer's ATP & WTA merger proposal but she doesn't think that will happen. Shortly after the Tour got suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak, record 20-time Grand Slam champion Federer suggested the two tours could use this time to make some big things.

Federer's old-rival Rafael Nadal was one of the first players that stepped out and supported the 38-year-old's proposal. "It’s probably not going to happen,’ she muses when the subject is first raised," Gavrilova exclusively told Metro UK.

‘'I wish it would happen but I guess it’s not. It’s like any other sport, there’s women’s basketball and men’s basketball… I don’t know if the two organisations will come together.

The ATP and the WTA… why not even the ITF?"

Daria Gavrilova doesn't know why Nick Kyrgios was against the proposal

Federer's proposal has been backed up by many but six-time ATP champion Kyrgios went against the proposal as he simply said in a Twitter post "we shouldn't merge." "Well, I don’t really talk to him, no.

Only if I see him at tournaments. I don’t know why he said that," Gavrilova said. "But also, when you have your opinion, you really have to articulate yourself well. You can’t just tweet something and then not think people are going to want to hear from you more or they might even argue with you.

"A lot of us sometimes just tweet something and think 'yeah, that’s it.' But it’s never it. You’re going to hear about it in the press conferences and stuff like that. Honestly sometimes I do want to say something but I really can’t be bothered with dealing with all of it.

"At the end of the day, I think a lot of players are just scared to share their opinion but also, to be fair, a lot of players are just actually not even interested in the business side on all these debates and are just happy with playing tennis." Daria Gavrilova, now ranked at No. 206 in the world, hasn't played since the US Open due to an injury.

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