Rusedski: 'You can never discount Roger Federer, but...'


Rusedski: 'You can never discount Roger Federer, but...'
Rusedski: 'You can never discount Roger Federer, but...'

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, professional tennis has not been played since March and the stop will last at least until July 31st. It will soon be decided whether the August tournaments can be played, pending information on the USTA's decision on the US Open.

At the moment it is Roland Garros the Slam that has the most chance of being played, following the controversial decision to move in late September. Despite the suspension of the circuit has been going on for almost three months now, numerous players have taken action to help their second-tier colleagues.

In addition to financially helping healthcare facilities around the world, a fund has been set up to help tennis players behind in the ATP ranking. Novak Djokovic, assisted by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, have devised a project aimed at allocating economic aid to players in difficulty.

There has been no shortage of criticism of this initiative, especially by the number 3 in the world Dominic Thiem. During the quarantine period, Federer also expressed his desire for a merger between ATP and WTA.

Rusedski on Roger Federer

Former British No 1 Greg Rusedski does not believe Roger Federer has what it takes to burst out of the blocks to win the US Open if the tournament goes ahead in August.

“The joke going around is that Roger has surgery and the whole tour gets cancelled until he is fit to return,” says 1997 US Open finalist in an exclusive interview with Tennis365. “Obviously, the coronavirus is a very serious situation and everyone’s health has to be our priority right now, but this break has given Roger time to recover from his latest injury.

That said, I think it’s going to be pretty difficult for him to challenge for the Grand Slams when we start again. He will be 39 by then and winning major titles at that age will be very tough. I have been watching videos of Novak Djokovic practising, Nadal is back on the court and I just don’t see what new dimensions Federer can bring into his game at this stage to win Grand Slam titles at this stage of his career if those two guys are at their best.

Last year at the US Open, Roger got tired in the heat and lost out in the quarter-finals and while it would be a great story if he could win it, I still think Djokovic and Nadal are the guys the rest will need to beat. Then you have Federer next in that list and you can never discount him”.

Roger Federer Us Open

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