Matt Ebden: You know it will be packed out crowd whenever Roger Federer plays

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Matt Ebden: You know it will be packed out crowd whenever Roger Federer plays

Australian tennis player Matt Ebden has been enjoying his stay at home in Perth during the coronavirus pandemic as there is not a place where he would rathrer live. Ebden, who was born in Perth, played his last tournament this season season in early-February -- a month before the Tour was suspended due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Ever since the Tour got suspended, Ebden has been at home in Perth and he admits there have been much worse places to stay during the coronavirus pandemic. "I think it's the best place in the world to be. I have had friends in India who literally couldn't leave the house for six or eight weeks, not even open their front door," Ebden told Nine's Wide World of Sport.

Ebden, ranked at No. 294 in the world, says it has been a nice time to work on some different things and try something new in his game. There won't be any Tour events taking place for at least another month and a half as the season has been suspended through July 31.

"I think a lot of guys out there (are) maybe getting creative in this time. We've got many months to work on things, to sort of keep things fun and stimulating -- new shots, new tactics maybe," Ebden said.

Matt Ebden suggests playing without fan isn't a problem for him

Ebden, 32, says he has played matches where there hasn't much crowd and playing behind the closed doors wouldn't really be that big of a problem for him.

Once tennis returns, tournaments may be held without fans or with a limited number of fans. Ebden says different factors affect the number of the crowd in a match -- but nothing matters when Roger Federer plays as it's a guarantee that the stands will be packed out.

"We've played a first round in Cincinnati or somewhere in the United States on a Tuesday morning at 11 AM and there's not that many people sometimes, in some matches. Okay, if you are Roger, everytime it's packed out, doesn't matter," Ebden said.

Ebden, who has never won an ATP title in singles, is optimistic that he could play some of his best tennis once tennis returns. "I still feel like my body is young, I feel now obviously fresh and motivated so the sky is the limit really," Ebden said. Matt Ebden achieved his career-high ranking of No. 39 in the world in 2018.