Matteo Berrettini: Nobody is able to do it like Roger Federer

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Matteo Berrettini: Nobody is able to do it like Roger Federer

Italian Matteo Berrettini, who is taking part in the Ultimate Tennis Showdown this weekend, says he will not last till the age of 40 like Roger Federer.

Matteo Berrettini says nobody is able to do it like Roger Federer

In an interview with Italian journalists, Berrettini says, “At 40 my body will be destroyed!

I would say that Roger Federer had a bit of luck, from a genetic view: he moves without consuming energy, it is as if he is dancing, but then he also has a crazy management of what he does day by day, hour after hour. Nobody is able to do it like him, everything is planned, the sponsors, the times for the children ...

and he has four! Training, travel, all precise and perfect." Berrettini will debut against David Goffin in the UTS - which is using a new format - something the Italian says will take some time to get used to. "I tried in training and it is certainly very different, almost a fight against time.

Then these cards mess up a lot ... it's a very big change . But after the first weekend, when I have tried officially, I will be able to tell you better. It's a little intriguing because you have to calculate well when to play the cards, when to call the time-out, when to speed up or slow down; it's a much more continuous and intense game."

On the resumption of the circuit, Berrettini says, "There are no official press releases, only things that could happen. When it arrives, I can make a decision, now it is difficult to say. Obviously I would like to go back to playing all possible tournaments, but we must be sure that everything is under control .

Travel is our problem: we need to find a solution to the various quarantines. I honestly didn't think that things would improve so quickly in New York. The tournament seems determined to do everything it can to make players feel comfortable.

Right now to say that I will play ... I don't know , but the situation has improved and I didn't think it would happen. If this is the situation and it remains calm, and all the players agree to play, I am calm too."

The 24 year old Matteo Berrettini has a career high ATP singles ranking of world No. 8. Last year, he became the first Italian man to reach the US Open semifinals since 1977 where he was beaten in the semifinals by Rafael Nadal in straight sets. He also reached the semi-finals of the Shanghai Masters and claimed a spot in the season ending championships in London.