'Roger Federer is capable of doing incredible things', says former Top 10

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'Roger Federer is capable of doing incredible things', says former Top 10

Roger Federer ended the 2020 season early. The Swiss Maestro will still have to undergo knee surgery. According to many insiders, this is Roger's final swan song, which will return in 2021 when it turns 40. But it is difficult to think that one of the greatest athletes ever, like Federer, may have ended his career at high levels already now.

It is easy to imagine him as a protagonist next year at Wimbledon and also at the Olympic Games. Speaking to Direct News, Marc Rosset has warned the tennis community not to underestimate Roger Federer on his return to tennis.

Rosset on Roger Federer

"Since 2013, as soon as there is an injury from Roger Federer, we tell ourselves that it is the end," Marc Rosset said. "It was the same with Rafael Nadal. It is clear that two operations, one after the other, on the knee and even if they are only small arthroscopies, it is complicated.

(But) a comeback from Roger, I really believe in it. He will not miss a full season with Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal who would have played 10 months of competition, (it's not) that the wagon has advanced and you are on the station platform trying to catch it.

There, everyone is at a standstill. He (Federer) risks missing between two and three months of competition compared to his main rivals," Rosset added. "He is 20 years old on the circuit, he has already missed five, six months before making an incredible return to Australia (in 2017)," Rosset stated.

"Spending a year at home with his wife and children can also rejuvenate him in extraordinary ways. Personally, I can't see myself saying it's over because these guys are capable of doing incredible things. I don't see why we should bury Roger Federer.

I have spoken to him two or three times, I know that he is still very motivated. He did his program with Pierre Paganini (his physical trainer). He is having fun, he likes tennis otherwise he would have already stopped a few years ago," Rosset concluded.

No other male tennis player has won 20 major singles titles in the Open Era, and he has been in 31 major finals, including 10 in a row. He has held the world No. 1 spot in the ATP rankings for longer than any other male player.

He was ranked No. 1 at the age of 36 and has won a record eight Wimbledon titles. He won five consecutive US Open titles, which is the most in the Open Era.