'The loss of a year could be costly for Roger Federer', says former player


'The loss of a year could be costly for Roger Federer', says former player
'The loss of a year could be costly for Roger Federer', says former player

Nobody can know for sure what the consequences of this long stop will be for more experienced players. The resumption of the men's circuit is scheduled for mid-August with the Washington tournament, which will be the prelude to the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati and the US Open both in the city of New York.

Former professional tennis player and current NBC Sports presenter, Mary Carillo, has participated in a video conference in recent days touching on a variety of topics. In particular, she focused on the impact of the pandemic on Roger Federer, who will remain out for the rest of 2020 after the double operation on his right knee.

The American believes that younger players are benefited from this suspension, having been able to work intensively on various aspects of their game.

Carillo on Roger Federer

"For the younger players, they can be working on their games.

They can be working on their techniques and mental toughness. For all these people, if they are using this time (well), it's great. For the likes of Roger Federer, the clock is really ticking" - Mary Carillo explained. "Roger Federer will be 39 in August.

He wanted to do two things in the year 2020 - he wanted to win Wimbledon and wanted to win the Olympic gold in singles. Now if Tokyo happens next summer, hopefully, Roger will be there, he is going to be 40. This guy would have lost basically a year, a season of his career towards the end of it.

He is much closer to goodbye than hello," Carillo concluded. The Swiss Maestro has become the first tennis player to top Forbes’ list of the best-paid athletes in world sport as overall earnings dropped amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The Swiss star was ranked first with earnings of 106million US dollars (£86.2million) thanks to an extensive portfolio of investments which brought in £81m – dwarfing his on-court earnings. Federer ranked just ahead of Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo, who Forbes said earned £85m, and Lionel Messi, third with £84m.

Without his beloved grass-season and without Wimbledon, with few certainties still regarding the rest of the season starting from the US Open which is still in doubt, Federer decided to take advantage of it and definitely fix his right knee, already operated at the beginning of the season after the Match for Africa 6.

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