Caujolle: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal should speak out against Novak Djokovic'


Caujolle: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal should speak out against Novak Djokovic'
Caujolle: 'Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal should speak out against Novak Djokovic'

The decision to organize the Adria Tour without respecting the guidelines on social distancing could cost Novak Djokovic dear, in terms of image and beyond. The World number 1, which tested positive for Coronavirus together with his wife Jelena and other players, could in fact be removed from the position of president of the Players Council.

Although the Serbian champion has apologized for the incident, the aftermath of this story could affect his relationship with colleagues and the resumption of the season scheduled for August. Meanwhile, Marseille tournament director Jean-Francois Caujolle has invited the other players to express their opinion on the incident, not failing to throw poisonous arrows at the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

Caujolle: 'It's a good lesson'

"It's a good lesson," Jean-Francois Caujolle said. "It's up to the players to say it and the players should become big boys. Between those who think it and those who are soft in the belly, they should wake up a little and not let go.

I would like to hear from [Jo-Wilfried] Tsonga, [Gael] Monfils, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal. I would like to hear these guys say now: 'too much is too much' Novak Djokovic's exterior is smooth but the interior is a little tormented and violent," the Marseille tournament director added.

"Today, he is not the tennis icon. If Federer or Nadal had done that, it would have had even more impact. But Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal would not have done it. For me, it will have no impact on ATP. On the contrary, it is a private promoter which makes a bulls**t (event).

The ATP has implemented a hyper-drastic American-style protocol." Nole has since released an apologetic statement which read: "We organised the tournament at the moment when the virus has weakened, believing that the conditions for hosting the Tour had been met.

Unfortunately, this virus is still present, and it is a new reality that we are still learning to cope and live with. I am extremely sorry for each individual case of infection. I hope that it will not complicate anyone’s health situation and that every will be fine.

I will remain in self-isolation for the next 14 days, and repeat the test in five days”. Novak Djokovic’s coach, the former Wimbledon champion Goran Ivanisevic, has tested positive for coronavirus. The Croatian, who won Wimbledon in 2001, had defended Djokovic over his organisation of the ill-fated Adria Tour.

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